I was thinking about to update my Studio with a good da converter. Now i have a rme ff/uc for ad and da. I can get a lavry da 10 black for You are reading the older HTML site. Positive Feedback ISSUE 41 january/ february lavry engineering. LavryBlack DA 10 DAC. as reviewed by Jeff Day. Used Lavry Da 10 for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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A stepped analog Volume control adjusts both the main line output and the headphone output level. If it is not locked due to no connection or an invalid signal; the Lock indicator will not illuminate. Personal tools Log in.

For Sensational build quality Pure and precise performance. Excessive treble It seems that our listeners respected this DAC a little more than they loved it: If the input is “locked” to a valid signal; the front panel Lock indicator will ra.

Against It’s approach won’t appeal to everyone. Build quality is very good throughout. An engineering tour de force, this DAC takes some getting used to if one is to appreciate its exceptional detail and insight. In fact, it may be that the DA’s treble registered as slightly excessive, which would explain why one listener found it just slightly harsh, while another complained of lack of bass — small ds imbalances across the frequency range can have widely differing interpretations according to the ears that hear them.

Please exercise care when to reduce the Volume of the DA11 prior to connection of headphones.


Overall, the Lavry Engineering DA may simply be one of those hi-fi products that are too pure for some tastes. As always, it’s the reasons they gave for this that are most interesting. It certainly does go low and if it doesn’t seem to have quite the weight and impact of some, it makes up for this with immaculate control and again this isn’t everyone’s idea of fun and very good tuning. Light bass Nothing, but praise from our listeners for the Lavry.

Our Verdict An engineering tour de force, this DAC takes some getting used to if one is to appreciate its exceptional detail and insight. Perhaps most striking is the number of comments on the treble. The input provision is one each of phono, Toslink and XLR, while the power input at the rear is a mains connector: It is advisable to unplug headphones when not using them, or prior to power turn-off or turn-on; particularly high-efficiency headphones.

The front panel headphone output is driven by a discrete high-powered headphone amplifier that is capable of driving even low impedance HiFi headphones with ease. The XLR outputs can be configured for balanced or unbalanced connection using the internal jumper settings for ” pin 2 ” and ” pin 3 ;” which refer to the pin numbers of the XLR output connectors.

Retrieved from ” http: Lavry products Lavry digital to analog converters.

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If you have any problem when setting up the DA10 or using a different input, please check the Lock indicator to see if the DA10 is locked to a valid input signal.

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Stereo imaging is closely related to detail and lary felt to be very good if, at times, a little forward overall that prominent treble at work again? That’s fa balanced mode and although the DA only has balanced outputs they can be configured via internal jumpers to feed unbalanced cables via standard XLR-RCA adaptors, with outputs up to 6 volts.

It isn’t what one would call ‘party bass’, though, and if rhythm and timing are very much your thing it may seem underwhelming. A lack of overt rhythmic drive may limit its appeal for some. Bass divided opinion markedly. Apart from the comment noted above of light bass, there was praise for its extension and precision.

Nothing, but praise from our listeners for the Lavry.

Used lavry da 10 for Sale |

For general information see digital to analog converter. This page has been accessed 31, times. This clearly gave superb extension and clarity and was a little ruthless in the lavyr it revealed the chosen test recordings, which are not all entirely without their own quirks in this area. That occupies a little over a quarter of the internal area, the rest being pretty well-filled with the latest and greatest in receiver, convertor and op-amp chips.

Privacy policy About LavryEngineering Disclaimers. There is a very good sense of space around the sound and images are rock-steady, irrespective of how loud the music is or how many instruments are playing.