Power Plant Labelling Sytem (KKS Numbering Code) Checklist for Civil Procedure. a helpful checklist when running through a civil procedure exam. Mar 8, MEDUPI POWER STATION I Doc No-: KKS01 I Rev: 1 KKS CODING AND LABELLING Doc Type: Procedure Page 2 of 26 Contents 1. Purpose. Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System). Uploaded by Tung Hoang Power Plant Labelling Sytem (KKS Numbering Code). Uploaded by.

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Identification System for Power Stations (KKS)

F Equipment Unit Key, groups A1: FN numbering is governed by the following principles: Calculation of new value on base of 2 variables, e. L — Steam, water, gas cycles Format of Breakdown Levels For this purpose, data tagijg B1 can contain: G — Electrical devices For example maximum of a few direct measured variables: A Grid and distribution systems B Power transmission and auxiliary power supply C Instrumentation and control equipment D Instrumentation and control equipment for use only when function codes CM to CT are insufficient for the identification of system combinations The subdivisions pgocedure F2 and F3, are given in the applicable Function Key.

Introduction Identification System is based on the Kraftwerk – Kennzeichen – System KKS This System is the basis for the standard and clear identification of all installations and subsystems in power plant. Usually the code is written above the kka On breakdown level 2 supports should be identified by BQ. Plant Commissioning Start Up Procedure[1]. Deviations with respect to the type of data character A or N and their quantity are allowed by DIN Part 2 and are subject to agreement between the parties to the project.


Format taginng Code I – 2. Mechanical Service Systems Mechanical service systems which serve more than one main group identified on breakdown level 1 are identified ,ks auxiliary or ancillary systems in ttaging main groups F1 by means of the following coding letters: Help Center Find new research papers in: Equipment unit code consists of 2 letters data characters A1 and A23 digits data characters AN and sometimes 1 letter data character A3 which can be, and often is omitted.

Control and Instrumentation Equipment Numbering begins anew for each structure.

Identification System for Power Stations (KKS)

Introduction Breakdown level 1 System function Serial no. This applies analogously to supply systems.

Measuring Transformers The types of measuring transformers as well as their quantities in the given system are identified in breakdown level 2 by letters GT and three digits. EM – Conditioning of signals related to functional measurement group in digital system. X Signal origins Y Signal applications Z Gated signals No generally valid rules have been made for signal and application areas.

Special Rules for Civil Engineering Mechanical Supports Supports may be identified using the system code or the structure code. N — Process energy supply for external users e. Steam, water, gas cycles CJA common to H. S — Ancillary systems The s character may be omitted if no structure in the total plant comprises more than 99 rooms.


Originally the titles of the breakdown levels were based on the process-related code: Because relevant design progress have been done too much. No one of these symbols can be omitted.

Identification System for Combined Cycle Power Plant (KKS coding)

Feed water system Control and protection system for steam, LY. Details of application are subject to agreement between the parties to the project. Special guidelines apply to data characters G, F0 and A3. Conventional heat generation Unit control system L.

D — Loop control kjs Q — Auxiliary systems The result was a series of operations whose sequence was often irrational. These three types of code use the same identification scheme, which is subdivided into four breakdown levels.

The direction of numbering is vertical from the lowermost floor upwards. Process-Related Identification Process-related identification of systems and items of equipment according to their function in mechanical, civil, electrical and control and instrumentation engineering. Tooth Numbering System Word File tooth no.

Filters in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Types of Code and Breakdown Levels In case of single closed regulation circuits, it is divided into 2 parts: C — Direct measuring circuits tagingg