Does anyone here have any experience with this transcription? My main concern is that most of the variations would be impossible to execute. Johann Sebastian BACH () The Goldberg Variations BWV , Clavierübung IV (). Transcription for guitar and played: Jozsef Eotvos. Goldberg Variations. Main Performer or Conductor: Jozsef Eötvös. Instrumentation: Guitar. Individual Works: Goldberg Variations BWV

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These two works, along with J. Information about this cd, including sound samples and purchasing is available at: I should look into it soon. It won him critical acclaim and praise from all corners of the world.

His transcription has also been published; an important addition to the classical guitar repertoire. Since then, he has recorded the Art of the Fugue BWV for two eight-string guitars, in addition to transcribing many lute-works of J. It would be cool to play along someone like John Wiiliams, for example, and you can then really appreciate how smooth he is My main concern is that most of the variations would be impossible to execute on a conventional guitar I saw a video on youtube of someone playing the first variation on an electric guitar using two-handed tapping.

Obviously, he can’t sustain voices as long or use as fast tempos as a keyboardist, so in one sense it’s hard to do justice to this piece on guitar. He is no mere technician; he’s an exceptional musician.


József Eötvös (musician)

His college course book titled “Thoughts Vatiations J. Eoetvos’ performance notes, although brief, are very useful not just for the Goldbergs but for a lot of music transcribed from keyboard to guitar. If compared with the piano recordings I agree on the difficulty level, which is way beyond my ability. Nevertheless, some variations are in fact very nice at slower speed, for example variation Between and he became known for winning several international competitions. Excellent I was so wonderfully surprised when I heard this recording.

Languages Magyar Edit links. His mastery of both the guitar and this work is impressive, I didn’t know two hands could accomplish this level of complexity and contrapuntal fullness.

The Lute Suites, Violin Sonatas, etc pale in comparison. Retrieved from ” https: He is also an accomplished composer.

Classical Guitar

His arrangements are musical curiosities which are played on this instrument only by him in the whole wide world. Varitions was followed by his second CD with F. Short Biography Recordings of Instrumental Works. So much so that transcribing almost creates a new work. Board index All times are UTC.

Bach transcribed his own works for a variety of instruments or instrumental settings and reworked them accordingly. Retrieved 17 January Please consider jozsrf us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. The main reason though is not just the difficulty – it just does not work sound good on the guitar IMHO. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


He has made radio and television recordings both in his home land and abroad.

As each instrument has its own characteristics, transcribing a work also changes the character of the work. The answer is an enthusiastic “yes! Gazzetta di Parma in Italian. The inspiration to undertake the transcription is made goldbefg in the Preface to the score published by Chanterelle: It really isn’t a guitar piece.

Joszef Eotvos (Guitar) – Short Biography

At that time I had been listening to Glen Gould’s piano recording, and I became convinced that this work would sound well on the guitar In he was given the Artisjus Prize for the introduction and popularization of contemporary Hungarian musical pieces and he was awarded with the Franz Liszt Prize in in recognition of his work.

He has been a teacher at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest since and he was the first in Hungary to establish a guitar faculty at a university music academy level. Bach ‘s lute works are among the best available. You are missing a real opportunity here.

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