Sonnax Torque Converter parts for Jatco JFE (09A) applications. Hello,just joined up how you doin? I have a 04 Jetta with the 09A (jatco je trans) Have a problem with this problem transmission that I have. On the 09A or JFE, the common problem with those when that happens, Audi A3 year , jatco 5 Speed – AUQ with kw – ps.

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I was thinking more of a software problem? Originally Posted by tochtli83 That’s hard to say. It just seems more than anything, that the shifts are just hard and off 09s the correct RPMs. Find More Posts by tochtli It got better when warm, so I just figured dirty fluid.

Originally Posted by tochtli Are you a newbie new to the forums.

Find More Posts by bluesmoker. Find More Posts by joetdi. I have seen many problems with the sensors in this transmission. So, this is a friend’s car.

VW 09A Transmission

This is especially true if you go easy on the pedal. Send a private message to joetdi. Yes, my password is: I have the following problem and that turned my automatic from 3 to 4 gang rough. Send a private message to CoolAirVw. If the Automatic TCU unit reset it works perfect for 1 week. Would a bad sensor only fail at low speeds? Here’s a close up of the sensor. Here is the code I pulled up: You also want to replace the wire harness.


All were due to sensor failure. Feel free to post your question here. With high pressure you will get rough shifts.

The time now is If you dont know, then clear the code and drive it again.

All times are GMT I can look it up if you cant, just need year, make and model. Every fresh job thats comes into my shop with the 09A, has that problem. I only have a Bentley, and I can’t seem to find info on testing the sensors in it. Last edited by CoolAirVw; July 24th, 09w First off, there is a myriad of mistakes that could be made doing this.

What is the Problem? July 24th, Thats what i see here in new york. Im on shopkey pro, for its not showing any Audi A3, A4 maybe?

I guess there are 2 speed sensors on this trans, right? The manual shows 3 jatcl sensors. In my opinion, im still going with a cracked high clutch piston. Last edited by CoolAirVw; July 23rd, at With a little finesse, you can take the back cover off, drum is right behind the back cover, check the high clutch, if its bad the pistons are cracked.


5-Speed Automatic Transmission (09A) – Ross-Tech Wiki

I believe I have fixed four now in the past year. Is this what your saying? Again, the car ran great with no problems codesbut there were notable rough shifts from 1st to second when cold.

Probably would be a good idea to change the fluid hatco sensor and the G and G also. I’m gonna revive this one, as I’m working on a friend’s jtaco, and it just threw a code for the speed sensor.

VW 09A Transmission | eBay

I don’t know k-rap about about auto transmissions. But, like I said, once you’re going, the shifts seem much better. This one could get a guy in alot of trouble if the clutch drums moved out and you didn’t get them all the way back in. I should first note that jattco had a bunch of electrical problems I haven’t worked on too many auto transmissions.