A High Elven Warband must include a minimum of 3 models, and can have a maximum of 12 models including 5 Heros and 1 leader. A starting warband must . The danger of Norse pirates or Dark Elf warships is an ever present danger and the ships need to be able to defend themselves. A High Elf Warband must include a minimum of 3 models. Back to Tommy Punk’s Mordheim Articles. What is the most accepted list for the high elves? They also are expensive compared to most other warbands and start out with 1 less hero.

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Warbandd exception is Dwarves, who might work with the Elves but if they do always charge double their normal fee as they still bear a grudge against the Elves from the War of the Beard. The Shadow Master may be equipped from the Shadow Warrior equipment list. Your warband may include up to 1 Shadow Weaver.

High elves : mordheim

Which rules should i use? I know Mordheim has Shadow Warriors, but I don’t own the models, and they seem to be frowned upon as overpowered and were removed from the GW approved list.

The Sword Masters of Hoeth are experienced Elven warriors that slf dedicated their lives to mastering the art of the sword.

High Elves are fewer in number than most of the other groups staking their claims in Mordheim. A warrior that steps up to become the Leader upon the death of the existing one gains the ‘Leader’ special ability and inherits the bands Wyrd-breaker, but otherwise stays the same.


Elves are d-bags in Mordheim. My personal experience in the game is that Elves start off with higher stats than almost everyone else and just get out of control fast once they start to level up which will be quick because of their high stats and high racial maximums.

Of the Dramatis Personnae presented on this site, the following will work for a High Elf band: This spell lasts until the Strength test is passed, the Shadow Weaver suffers a Wound or attempts to cast another spell.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If he is attacked while affected, treat the target as stunned. Pipa, the Chickenhawk of Moot. High Elven Warbands Equipment List.

Over time, Shadow Warriors learned how to freeze in place and remain undetected, even to the heightened senses of their Dark Elf cousins. If both players have models that infiltrate, roll a D6 for each, the lowest roll sets up first.

All warriors in the band within 6″ of the Mage may use his Leadership value for Leadership tests. The fair elven folk learn how to fight from childhood, and thanks to their extremely long lifespans they often grow in skill to become unrivaled in their prowess by other mortals.

Broheim | Warbands

Must have a Ranger Lord to hire. Shadow Warrior Skill Table. Possessed, Skaven, Undead, Beastmen, etc. Chracian Hand to Hand weapons Chracians Only. Has anyone on this forum wadband Wyrdwars? Start out with a bunch of heroes, give them Bows, and fill out your list with a few Henchmen for fodder.


They are keen of eye and sure of hand, making them able additions to any band in any environment.

Long years mrodheim guerrilla warfare against the Dark Elves have taught Shadow Warriors how to remain hidden, even when firing a barrage of arrows. Account for the fact they’re starting off with 4 stats higher than pretty much everyone else, that’s easily worth the 10gc more per warrior.

He may intercept charging enemies ending the spellbut may not be charged himself.


Your warband may include any number of Shadow Warrior Novices. The elves love all forms of mordeim and music, the High Elves more so than others. The Elven Mages are very proficient at many aspects of Magic, including astrology and the prediction of what is to come. Thu Jul 23, 2: A starting warband must be lead by a Mage, but should he be killed they may not acquire another; wraband of the Heroes of the band will step forth to become the Leader.

The Noble may be equipped with weapons and armour mordneim the High Elf Equipment list. Expert wielders of the fearsome Hoethian two-handed sword, they follow a Sword Master of Hoeth hoping to increase in skill and make names for themselves. Elven Rangers represent the consumate balanced warrior, equally skilled at hand to hand and ranged attack.