Sexy, witty and reminded me of series by o and Mary Calmes, but- forgive me the fans of these authors!-I found much better more. The anxiously awaited release of Gobsmacked by LB Gregg is finally here. Released today from Aspen Mountain Press. Go get your copy now. Review: Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg (Men of Smithfield #1). Contemporary m/m Erotica February 6 eBook pages. Aspen Mountain.

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I really don’t know what to think about this book. Aug 29, And then things start to get hot, hot, hot. Fortunately, the law is on my side in the form of my oldest friend, Tony Gervase. It confirmed that L.

Gregg’s humorous writing style and Shannon Gunn’s It was hilarious and I could see myself reacting in many of the same ways as Mark. Might be weird, but with only two names as title my expectations were low and I wasn’t hooked. Trivia About Mark and Tony Me Unfortunately, the mystery was too obvious and i just couldn’t find a connection with the bl.

Max and Finn (Men of Smithfield #2) by L.B. Gregg

Please, check your email, the code to access your BookLikes blog was sent to you already. So, I do recommend tackling the whole series!


He has a way with accents and he emotes very well. Magnet-o-charmed, the two of them.

This humorous story starts with Mark catching his cheating boyfriend and then turning to Tony, local cop and unrequited love-of-his-life, for help. I think I need more time with them as a couple to buy the forever deal with Max and Finn. One of the highlight of the book was the barrage of little email that filtered right through the book between staff and student and everybody else in between.

Tony of Mark and Tony is an intelligent, sweet, hot cop. Nov 13, Cindi rated it really liked it Shelves: I gobsmaacked definitely check out the other books in this series…once I have a little wiggle room in my to-read pile.

Men of Smithfield: Mark and Tony Audiobook | L. B. Gregg |

It all starts when Finn decides he gegg the older brother of the boy he’s tutoring. Josh Lanyon author of Fatal Sha I love LB Gregg’s stories and the books were, at varying degrees, really enjoyable.

It never got boring at all and some scenes were downright hilarious thanks to his voice. As long as she’s fucked well, it’s okay by her.

Mar 18, Catherine rated it liked it Gobsmaxked Oct 09, Susan rated it really liked it. This was the first book that I actually listened to that Mr.

Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. However, I had difficulties swallowing some of the consistency aspects at the end. Good thing Tony was so close behind to swoop in. I never could have imagined the characterizations in my head as interpreted by the narrator.


Audible Rounded up to 4 stars! He actually blamed his best friend for not paying attention. I loved this book. But, it looked good, so I decided to bite the bullet. The pacing was good and the story progressed at a good rate. This time Max will be watching over a student at the school who needs protection because his father is a big time actor.

Review: Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg (Men of Smithfield #1)

glbsmacked I started to sink in about half-way through and warmed up to everything, but personally, I thought it took too long for a shorter work. Gregg book a 2. The Bible hit the back of Jamie’s head with a resounding Thwack! I’ll listen to this again – and hope to pick up on the things I missed: When it was supposed to be exciting and scary – it really was quite thrilling.