The muse next decorates Mars, and worships Minerva. Philipo Vadi offers this book on the art of gladiatorial combat to the illustrious. Prince Guido di Montefeltro. Master Fillipo Vadi’s work, previously overlooked and underestimated by Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi. Title, Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi. Author, Filippo Vadi. Translated by, Luca Porzio, Gregory Mele. Publisher.

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Copyright and License Summary. And you must always keep in mind To always honour your teacher, Because money does not repay such a debt. Write a review Rate this item: You already recently rated this item.

It is said to use the rota with fendente and volante against the ponte thrusts and so it is shown that these are not so dangerous. He has an interest for history and culture, especially of the European Middle Ages, and for strategy and martial culture both ancient and modern.

And when he loses his way with parrying, And you hammer then on the other side, Then you should decide If you need to finish by closing in. So to those that lack natural weapons she gives the virtue of intelligence and thought. I am the guard of the falcon, high up above, To make defences in all sorts of ways.

Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi – Google Books

Se la lingua tagliasse per ragione, e fesse ancora lei como la spada, seria infinite morte le persone. The material presents substantial insight into fighting with the long-sword, poleaxe, spear, and dagger.


I idmicandi the rota and I have in me such a load, That you want to mix me with the other blows, I place a thrust often at a bow.

I am the guard of the serene leopard, That with the tail will give you poison. Little is known about the author, a native of Pisaother than that he dimkcandi to have been a mid to late 15th-century fencing master linked in some way to the tradition of Fiore dei Liberi and flippo he dedicated a fencing book to the Dukes of Urbinoin the last quarter of the 15th century.

I make a straight fendente at you with the sword, And break you out of that guard. If force constrains you to contend With more than one, then keep this in mind, Take a sword that you can really use. Do not let him understand, What you want to do from one side or the other. Of these arrte, through the guidance of God I acquired some good advice and this through the practical experience and theory of many teachers from various different countries, all complete masters and perfectly knowledgeable in this art.

In translating and transcribing Medieval verses in to modern English certain captions had to be separated or combined in order to render them more easily understandable.

To make your opinion clearer, And to sharpen your intellect, Fiilippo you may be able to answer to everyone: In qua in la in su in giu andare. Marco Rubboli and Luca Cesari. So those that lack natural weaponry can better make use of all weapons, natural or otherwise.


And draw a mandritto, and keep this in mind.

Arte gladiatoria dimicandi : 15th century swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi

Sempre entra con la ponta, Di sotto in su fino al vixo inforcando, e i tuoi ferriri adopra a tempo quando. L a spada vole avere iusta misura vole arivare el pomo sotto el brazio come qui apare nella mia scriptura. From Geometry fencing is born, And under her it has no end; And both of them are infinite. And should this booklet of mine fall into the hands of someone learned in the Art, and should it seem to him that there is any superfluous or lacking thing, he might cut, lessen or augment what he deems necessary, as from now I put myself under his correction and censure.

Do not give advantage of the sword to anyone You will be in danger of being shamed, And this is something to be followed by anyone. By time he produced his text, Vadi would have been in his maturity and perhaps beyond his physical prime but could call on many years of experience acquired during the s and s. Io son la punta pericolosa e presta. Dal ginochi in su andian guastando.

Arai bon fruto de cotal guadagno.