UK Faerie Tale The town records have it listed as Erl King Hill – ‘Hill of the Elf King’. To the locals it is known simply as the old Kessler Place. A great ramshackle. Feist, author of the popular Magician fantasy trilogy, turns to the horror genre in Faerie Tale. Raymond E. Feist, Author Doubleday Books $ (p) ISBN. A contemporary novel of masterful horror replete with magic, fantasy, and more than a little stylish sensuality.”—The Washington Post.

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The plot moves along fairly well after the initial slowness, and there are some interesting twists and developments with secret societies and ancient history. Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. I just don’t feel like many authors get it right and it disturbs me.

Faerie Tale by Raymond E. Feist

It is creepy, dark, at times violent, at times sexual d always a page-turner. Faerke some small amount of research has gone into this and the world of Faerie is brought to life with some degree of magic. For those of you who get mad at a lot of books because they don’t have good endings, you have nothing to worry about here. The first time I read it, I enjoyed it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He wrote the novel two years later, and it was published in by Doubleday. It’s my favorite genre, but is much better served by authors such as Charles de Lint, Feizt Gaiman, Emma Bull, and others of that ilk. And I am no brave enough as a reader to Impossible to read. Views Read Edit View history.

I contented myself with looking it up on Goodreads and I saw the alternate cover linked to this revie I am shelving this with my other facetious “to-not-read-ever” reviews, even though I have nothing against the book. It had the makings of a fine story.


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And I am no brave enough feeist a reader to venture further in such a risky business, even if it may get better after a while. As usual in this type of book, it’s the kids who really see what’s happening and have to take it upon themselves ragmond do what the adults can’t, which makes the story far more effective.

It was translated ffist published in Dutch as Een Boosaardig Sprookje in The story gets a little dark in places, but is otherwise a tottaly fest read that blends real-life and faerie myth perfectly. I also loved the new cover art that was very reminiscent of Alan Lee’s work. One of the strengths was the portrayal of the various faeries.

This was mostly towards the finale and I can’t hold too much of a grudge against Feist for an otherwise compelling adventure. It is fantasy; it is horror. Functions of the Fantastic: This was an entertaining book, and I finished it in less than 2 days. Everything about these characters is just too perfect, they have everything going for them. Feist sets up some scenes to discombobulate the reader early on but it’s well into the first third of the book before the plot kicks into high gear.

Faerie Tale

Some of the images stayed with me for years. Lists with This Book. He has written way better stuff. Mostly that second part. Open Preview See a Problem?

Faerie Tale by Raymond E. Feist | : Books

Feist doesn’t do a very good job with it either. I felt it held up well and overall aferie was an intelligent yet quite unsettling tale of the Fae.


I question why my parents just left lying around what is obiously some sort of weird monkey insect pedophilia fetish book. I read this book back in one weekend back in the fekst real dark horror one of most creepy stories of its time if want a one of horror of outstanding performance in a book this is not just good it is fantastic.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Beklemmend, omdat lang onduidelijk blijft wat er aan de hand is en waarom de hoofdpersonen te maken krijgen met de elfen.

Feist’s “Riftwar Saga”, and was I ever super-glad I did! Jan 06, Jonathon Dunstan rated it it was amazing.

Books by Raymond E. We are meant to be disgusted, repelled and horrified, I don’t think Feist adds these scenes gratuitously, however it may be a deal breaker for some. Phil Hastings and his family have just moved back to his hometown for some much needed peace and quiet from the Hollywood scene.

View all 7 comments. Trivia About Faerie Tale. Gloria, their mother, senses something, but simply dismisses her concern as stress from their recent move. My own problems, however, were threefold; first, I really don’t like fantasy and it’s my firm belief that this will be my last book to fit into that category. This is one of my favorite stories of all time, and if I could would be the one book I would convert into a movie.