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Psiiquiatrica those in whom there remains a bit of Catholic who believe in emtrevista concept of original sin, there is even a Penitential Prayer to Marduk to be found in K.

This work is, in my own opinion at least, the most important aspect of your work with the God as it facilitates cultivation of a long term, working relationship with him. His com Verily, he is lord of all the gods of heaven and earth, The king at whose discipline the gods above and below are in mourning. Before thee deeply I have bowed, Let me be satisfied!

May his name be evoked and spoken in the land! Alternatively, one may simply speak from his heart after welcoming the God, addressing him as he would a revered elder.

Making Contact Initial contact between the Magus and The God will be made by utilization of the 50 names given to him, 1 as well as an honorific offering.

Creation, destruction, deliverance, grace- Shall be by his command.

La Entrevista psiquiátrica – Harry Stack Sullivan – Google Books

Forever is thy name good in the mouth of the peoples! May my Goddess stand at my left hand! Truly, the Son of the Sun,”‘ most radiant of gods is he. May this name endure! Anum, as well as those to be found in the Necronomicon. The Petition To Marduk Those seeking to petition Marduk for aid in any given area of their lives are fortunate in that the Gods have provided us guidance on just how this may be done.

I replayed the battle wherein Marduk slew the dragon Tiamat, watching it unfold mentally 7 8 The Lord of the lands, the King of the heavens and the earth, the one who enrrevista up abundance. The service of the gods he imposed that these may have ease. While they remain the subjects of my devotion, I have in recent days developed a strong bond with Marduk, or to use the proper, original pronunciation of his name, Amar. I Welcome You, Great Marduk! When I plan, let me attain!


The only aspects I would recommend adhering to are the blue candles, as shown, with the image and name of Marduk affixed to them. Of all the gods is verily in his charge NEBIRU Shall hold the crossings of heaven and earth; Those who failed of crossing above and below ever of him shall inquire. May his words endure, not to be forgotten, In the mouth of the black-headed, whom his hands have created Whose holy spell their mouths shall murmur; Who with his holy charm has uprooted all the evil ones.

The offering is simplicity itself. Who insures a hearing, Creator of the gods, his fathers, Who roots out the enemies, destroys their progeny; Who frustrates their doings, leaving nothing of them. Who silences the insurgent Who with the weapon roots out all enemies, Who frustrates their plans, scatters them to the winds; Psiqujatrica blots out all the wicked ones who tremble before him.

Following the calling as outlined above, when the harrry of The God is evident and dtack has been given proper welcome and thanks for having come, add incense of Jupiterian nature or simply of Myrrh to the burner and repeat the Hymn to Marduk: Just as a elder relative may be kind to a great grandson who stops in and says hello in passing but is likely to be far more so and more protective over one who frequently stops in to check on them and pay their respects, so too is a God likely to be more benevolent to one who does not limit their interaction with him to when he needs help.

ADDU Be his name, the whole sky may he cover. Following the initial establishment of contact outlined above, one seeking to petition the aid of King Marduk should do so on Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. Shadow of the land, protector of distant peoples, Forever the sovereign of shrines!


Be seated upon the throne here prepared for thee and accept thou the offerings made unto thee from a soul stretched out unto thee! The Call To Marduk After opening the temple as prescribed above, let the following conjuration be used to make contact with Marduk and invite his attendance.

While his origins lay in Ancient Mesopotamia, it is in the later Babylonian work dated to the 12th century BC, entitled the Enuma Elish, that he comes to prominence and is elevated to the level of a Supreme God, surpassing his traditional role as patron deity of Babylon. In order to personalize the work more, I drew my own, copying one of those included in this text in my own hand.

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Establishing A Relationship It is suggested that the first time you endeavor to make contact with the God Marduk be reserved for introduction, so to speak, rather srack to ask of him a boon. Lord of Isagila, help of Babylon, Lover of Isida! O Marduk, the mighty who causeth Itura to rejoice!

I greet you in humility and thank you for hearing my call! In this altar are: Who banishes consternation from the body of the gods, Is hel, who effects their restoration. Mardukite Magick M Cecchetelli M. May the gods brings their presents before him that from him they may receive their assignments.

Place the incense burner before the image on the altar, to be ignited when the temple is opened as outlined below.

Before delving into Magick of Marduk proper, I will offer a brief synopsis of who Marduk is and when he became known to our Magickal predecessors. None can without him create artful works Who maintains the sharp point of the weapon.