Find great deals for EMPHASYS IC60 Speakers. Shop with confidence on eBay!. IC85 IC67 IC65 IC In-Ceiling Speakers from EMPHASYS are designed to deliver crisp, full-range sound for today’s home theater and distributed audio. The IC60 delivers very high performance for a budget-priced loudspeaker system . Featuring 6½” polypropylene woofers and ¾” fixed soft dome tweeters, the.

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Emphasys IC Ceiling Speaker PAIR

Apr 16, at 9: Jan 3, Messages: Apr 21, at 6: BlueWizardApr 21, Jun 19, Messages: The only thing I will remind you about In-Ceiling or In-Wall speakers is not the installation of the speaker itself, but rather running wires to the location where you need them. In short, getting the speakers in the ceiling or wall is easy enough,but how do you run the wire?

Typically you do it by tearing up the ceiling and walls to install the wire, then patching and painting it again. That is an additional expense you need to consider, not to mention the mess it cause.

But it still means cutting into the wall in several places. If you have already considered this then fine. But don’t commit yourself to built-in speakers until you have considered the full ramifications of installing them.


I’m not familiar with the specific speakers you are considering, but in general, and as with free standing speakers, you get what you pay for.

I posted just to remind you about installing the wire. It is easy to picture speakers in the ceiling playing away, but you need to look closely at what it takes to get them in there and working.

ci60 This works best if you are already in the process of remodeling the house and have work crews there and have the wall opened up. While it can still be done, older finished construction gets more difficult. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Can you give us your working budget just for the speakers? Thanks x 1 List. Apr 21, at 7: Steve, I have already just run wires to where I need them as we have only just moved so bedroom floor is up and wires into corners are there, I currently have some old MS premiers and was going to put them high up as the room is not very good for the rears no ic06 to put them low down and floor emphsays are a no no Only reason I am thinking of in ceiling is to minimise the look with a view to getting some better front and centre speakers.


My budget is not massive for them as I need to buy a empahsys amp I blew the HDMI board on my so been looking at the as a replacement. I saw the emphasys one and thought it was a reasonable price and decent response for in ceiling, the IC60’s seem to have an even better response and are cheaper!


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