: El Fantasista () by HERNAN RIVERA LETELIER and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. Hernán Rivera Letelier is a Chilean novelist. Until the age of 11 he lived in the Algorta (Chile) ; El Fantasista (The Fantasista). ; Mi Nombre es. In this new novel, Rivera Letelier returns to his imaginary Pampa to bring us a moving win this momentous encounter –could this be the mysterious ” Fantasista”?.

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Aguilar Chilena de Ediciones, The northern borders of the slender country are characterized by the arid and scarcely populated regions of the Atacama Desert. The return of Magalena to La Piojo and to the intimate chambers of El Gringo underlines the demystification of the saintly prostitute, as she is guided more by the characteristics of the latter and less by the former, keep- ing with lftelier self-given last name of Mercado.

He married a year-old hetnan when he was Thirdspace effectively is a combination of first and second spaces, in a tex- tual and semantic structure that is tangible yet imaginary.

It also bears mentioning that the biblical trope in Rivera Letelier is not always that of the traveling Christ-like preacher as seen in most of his novelsbut is also that of the men who are metaphorically alluded to as saviors. To survive, he sold newspapers. Claudio Saavedra ‘s review Dec 16, Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

We realize that the narrated setting is not as separated from broader discourses of power as we discover that the workers from Coya Leetlier, facing the closing-down of their mine and all its structures, must win a last derby game against the fear- some team of Coya Norte.

Hernán Rivera Letelier

In the early 19th century, speculators discovered vast reserves of saltpeter in the Negreiras, Pampa Negra, and Zapiga regions, which contributed to a boom in exports of nitrates to Europe. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Fantasita arresting and brutally beating him, the police chief exclaims: This coincides with El Cristo asking her to assume her position within the biblical dialectic, though in a decidedly more carnal nature, to which Magalena refuses, citing that her work is too a commitment that she must keep. The language and the story are rather simple and I think this is hardly a masterpiece, but merely a source of light enjoyment, particularly for those familiar with the tons of chilean colloquial expressions throughout the book that can provoke laughter if one’s not too highly-sensitive to eventual fantassta.


The salitrera, which at first may seem like a pristine yet inhospitable desert-text, is redefined by the narrative inclusion of the railroad, as it reminds the reader that even the desert is in- terlaced with economic systems of production and consumption. Editorial Planeta Chilena, Bucknell University Press, Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.

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Books by Hernán Rivera Letelier

The woman that he chooses for this role is Magalena Mercado, the lone prostitute of the fantasizta town Providencia, also known as La Piojo. Critical Studies of Cities and Regions. Please help by dl reliable sources. Unlike the rest of the mining town that only really develops a sense of urbanity in a textual exploration of its secondspace, the brothel explicitly meshes its firstspace structure and related social practices with its ideational or symbolic qualities.

University Press of Florida, This latter point is harnessed by Arturo C. This time, the main topic is not prostitutes and miners, but football. Just as the train provides a textual vehicle for the epic journey of the protagonists in Los trenes se van al purgatorio Lillo Cabezas 82the railroad creates a tangible schematic of the economic topography of the Atacama Desert. Business is, in fact, better than ever as she is able to attract workers from all the surrounding feudal mining towns, thereby surmounting the in-built structural limitations of the urbanized salitreras.

Books by Hernán Rivera Letelier (Author of راوية الأفلام)

Skip to main content. Rivera Letelier, however, herrnan from the traditional and ethical juxtaposition of the two poles, and instead postures an economic reading of these charac- ters. Flores, as he argues that the recent novelistic production in Chile can be divided into two categories.

The brothel, primal to the establishment of the homoso- cial and patriarchy in the desert, is also an ecclesiastic and economic center.


On the one hand, we are exposed to her carnal nature and travails, as faantasista willingly serves all the men, single and married in La Piojo, even giving them services on loan, ac- cepting payment after they receive their monthly salaries. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

The author, however, does not men- tion the other messiah figures that repeatedly crop up in his work.

From this we can conjecture that the Gringo and the Peruvian as foreigners sucking dry the national sl of the country represent the contemporary preoccupation with allowing foreign multinationals free-reign under the auspices of neoliberalism.

She entrusts the preacher to bury the chicken and to perform the appropriate rites as she is carted away in jubilant celebration to her previous abode.

Hernán Rivera Letelier – Wikipedia

His disapproval of the physical union between the business-minded prostitute and the misanthropic preacher evokes a popular discontent with the coming together of the commercial and political world. The spatial considerations of the railroad track blur the borders between the urban and rural, as the rural becomes an interstitial space that permits the movement of urban factors and subjects, anatomically inseparable from the organs of capitalism in the national body.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The built-in contradictions to his advice annul him as a political affront to the forces of globalization and neoliberalism, yet place him outside the traditional ethics of the messiah.

Their inhabitants, including the contadora, model their behavior, speech, and thought around the imported, larger-than-life cowboys, vedettes, and swash-bucklers that infiltrate the desert-space. Remember me on this computer. He, instead, spreads a message of common sense and wellbeing to those who care to listen to him in commu- nal get-togethers and meeting points.

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