Publisher: ISSN e-ISSN Publisher: AE Wrocław, Wrocław. Cite this publication. Józef Dziechciarz at Wroclaw University of Economics. PDF | W czterdziestym trzecim numerze czasopisma “Ekonometria” opublikowano siedem artykułów. Józef Dziechciarz at Wroclaw University of Economics. Józef Dziechciarz currently works at the Institute of Application of Mathematics, W rezultacie “Ekonometria” cieszy się coraz większym zainteresowaniem poza.

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Drift or Thrust into tne 21st Century?

An overview of recent trends in higher education in Western Europe,European Journal of EducationVol. A comparison of Australian and U. Com, European Commission, Brussels Dear Authors and Reviewers. The Modernization Concept of the European Commission[in: A sensitivity analysis of concepts and methods, Journal of Educational Planning and AdministrationVol. How to cite item.


Finanse — nowe wyzwania teorii i praktyki: Delivering on the Modernisation Agenda for Universities: The changing cultures of universities, [in: Higher Education Governance in Europe. This, in turn, causes a visible quantitative pressures, accompanied by insufficient care for quality and inability to use modern techniques to measure the impact of education and training on business performance.

The first of them. Open-end debt investment funds and bank deposits in Poland In his research, he has examined the firm value and cost of capital results of corporate liquidity management policies and resultts of demand for liquidity by firms.


Jozef Dziechciarz Editor In-Chief. The increase in the level of acceptance of the need for increased investment in education and training dziechciatz employees is accompanied by new challenges, including, in the first place, the need to redefine the approach to investment in training and to the evaluation of its results.

dziehcciarz Email the author Login required. The next article is related to the measure of spirituality and. Jan Kaczmarzyk presents in his article reflecting interdependencies between risk factors in corporate risk modelling using the Monte Carlo simulation.

This is due to the fact that managers do not see ekononetria direct effect of the investments on the performance of the company. The efficiency of liquid assets investment: Ekonometria 2 52 Redakcja: In ongoing work, he studies the unique risk characteristics of business organization capital, and documents the high expected returns which enterprises heavily invested in organization capital earn. Ekonometria ; 1 39Cytowanie: Methods, data and policy implications, [in: Education, Research and Innovation No.


The next article is related to the measure of spirituality and sensitivity at the workplace. We are constantly making efforts to obtain an even higher evaluation in.


As a result, many entrepreneurs treat the investment in training and education of their employees solely as an expense and a disruption of operations.

His research has earned Wroclaw University of Economics Rector prizes for distinguished publication and research activity. The first of them, by Marek Walesiak, is related to the visualization of linear ordering results with the application of multidimensional scaling. Grzegorz Marek Michalski is a professor of finance. Folia Oeconomica” financed through contract no. Recent grants and projects examine the effect of liquidity constraints on nonprofit organizations and forprofit small enterpises decisions to level of current assets investments, and on whether or not dkonometria use such information on cost of capital ekonometrla and results on business valuation results.

Much of his research is aimed at understanding the determinants and dynamics of financial corporate liquidity.