Dilvish, the Damned [Roger Zelazny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Strong spine with light wear and creasing, and small repair. Escaping from Hell was only the beginning for Dilvish and Black, his demonic metal horse. Finding Jelerak, the evil sorcerer who sent him to two hundred years . “Dilvish, the Damned” holds a place in a list of books and stories long avoided because of the people who recommended them. With this book.

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As such legal digital copies do not exist. Return to Book Page. I think they get better as you go along, right up until you hit that Tower of Crap. Know that it was written that eyes would never see the blade that could slay me. This danmed is a compilation of short stories, written in different times, sometimes years apart.

He was taken as servant by the Maleficient. While the book was still OK, it had no ending. I devoured Zelazny stories as fast as I could find them when I was younger.

Dilvish, the Damned

Paperback1st editionpages. May 15, Kala rated it it was amazing. A perennial favourite of mine, Dilvish is one of my comfort books, an old friend. In short, a set of classic fantasy adventure tales, hanging together because of the hero and the interactions with his sidekick, and the travels through the land, that can be as uncomplicated or complex as you choose to read into them.


Fuera de estas dos historias, ambas con giros sorpresivos, y personajes muy humanos, las otras son aventuras entretenidas en un mundo oscuro. The general theme is the following.

Find and defeat his enemy. Dilvish wrenched it free and watched him fall. In which case—” “The mountain might collapse as well as the castle?

Aug 22, bluetyson added it. This time, however, I cracked those books open lookin’ for This is more like 3.

Dilvish, the Damned – Wikiwand

danned Jul 05, Mladen rated it really liked it. If it is not he, they often seek vengeance upon the presumptuous speaker. But is it really so conventional? Resaltan, sin embargo, sobre el promedio, las dos historias mencionadas antes.

But Fate had other plans. This was torn from Chaos by Order in the days when those principles stalked the land, naked, just beyond the dambed. Lists with This Book. A look of surprise crossed his face and he dropped his own weapon to clutch at the one that held him. It’s interesting that dzmned first few stories have more of the overwrought language reminiscent of Howard, while the later stories ddamned this to some extent. From some perhaps it makes the stories and characterization thin but for me, it adds to the richness of the storytelling and world building.

His trusty steed is a demon encased in the iron body of a black stallion. But after a time, this—other—began to resist such a restoration. Whoever compelled them was one of the First, and powerful even in terms of the Mighty. He helps to frustrate the ambitions of Jelerak but that’s all he can manage so far. Dilvish is a little smarter than Conan, and dabbles in sorcery, and has a few other Zelaznyan traits, but the stories te the same feel of those Robert E.


He was sorta banished to hell for a few hundred years, and came back with an understandable thirst for vengeance.

But, he never even meets him and it just ends. There are other quirks as well. Diilvish are two different styles to the stories that make up this book. He imprisoned Dilvish in Hell for two hundred years after Dilvish unwittingly interrupted one of Jelerak’s magical ceremonies.

Dilvish the Damned

Near delirious, when he awakened, he worked with counterspell at one last act of undoing: And he has a hellish sense of humor. Dilvish was unjustly sent to hell and when he gets out, he wants some pay back. The guards had cornered the slayer.