The i-Series continues the Macro-Tech legacy of unparalleled sonic accuracy and detail, putting sound quality above all else. For over two decades, Crown. The Macro-Tech VZ is the most advanced amplifier to offer Crown’s patented Variable Impedance (VZ) power supply technology. New semiconductor . Crown MA Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Crown MA Brochure.

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I’ve got one each of the anddriving four 2×18 bass cabinets in a cap venue. Matters will be worse if you are limiting the amplifier in hopes to prevent clipping.

It sucks when the new parts don’t last. Bruce Burke on May 07, Question about the Crown MA and MA amps — do the back panel compression and “Loudspeaker Offset Compensation” controls actually help anything?

Edited by DjLeco – 09 July at 1: I’ve had shattered surrounds, broken leads, spiders that came undone from the coil former and of course, roasted voice coils.

CROWN – MA-5000VZ – Power amplifier (Used)

May 06, Read times Dave Barnett Jr. Offset Compensation is DC protection, so you’ll definitely want to have that turned on.


I’m guessing your failures have all involved cone tears? I’ve tried moving them to different amp channels to eliminate the possibility that the problem is upstream, and the faults seem to follow the cones, not the amp channels. May 08, Paper gets old, loses its stiffness and fails.

Crown MA/ amp settings and woofer longevity?

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Possibly you are using a modified Macro-Tech vz for mine offer green as the IOC LEDs when the load ccrown flowing and red when it has reached its maximum current.

Personally I dont like ClassH sound crest. The Crown Offset Integration switch is a sub-low-roll-off filter, which triggers around 35 Hz. That’s essentially what a high-pass filter in a power amp will do; call it an “algorithm” if you want but I think that suggests more complexity than actually exists. Please login or register. Our generators for gigs run Croan and the problem does’nt go away Another thing, it seems to always be the same three baskets that I’m sending back.


May 03, Only in that there is a high -pass filter in circuit. Dave, what kind of venue is this? Am I calculating all of this wrong? You’ll note criwn I never used the word “sub” in the original post If I remember correctly, the compressors affect the input signal of the rcown.

Edited by pchclx – 17 May at 8: Thanks for the information, I’ll give it a shot. BLA Here is my pics! I expect the replacement of the same vintage may develop the same malady. If the voice coil is burning up, the continuous mx5000 level of the amplifier is exceeding the thermal capacity of the driver. Dave Barnett on May 02, I always run these size amps on 32A Cee-Form too.

There are LED indicators inside the amplifier to help you troubleshoot the problem. Please, get yourself an VZ and run 8 cabs with a watt powerhanling on it. May 07, The amps have both been back to the factory within the past year.