An introduction to Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written. Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition. Add to Goodreads. The New World story of the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca in his own words. This riveting true story. The Narváez expedition was a Spanish journey of exploration and colonization started in .. Lalami explains that nothing is known about him except for one line in Cabeza de Vaca’s chronicle: “The fourth [survivor] is Estevanico, an Arab.

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Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition | Introduction & Overview

They never saw us tired, because we were, in reality, so inured to hardships that we no longer felt them. As the natural riches and native expddition Cabeza de Vaca encountered sparked the European imagination and drive to claim and conquer, the Chronicle is a critical link in the chain of events that shaped the modern North American political, social, and economic landscape.

Though they chronicls corn for fish there, they soon fall under attack again.

The Chronicle was originally written for the king of Spain as a private report in Though the text focuses on the difficulty of the journey, Cabeza de Vaca also writes to stimulate interest in what else can be chrinicle in this part of the world for future Europeans—those who would arrive on these shores to expeditiin what would become the American dream. They also learn to deal with being hungry, thirsty, and ill, as well as recovering from these conditions. In thirty-eight brief chapters, Cabeza de Vaca describes the scores of natural and human obstacles they encountered as they made their way across an unknown land.

After eating two dogs they acquired in barter, the four continue to travel on a trail, eating what they can find. They could fire their bows five or six times while the Spanish loaded a crossbow or harquebusthen fade away into the woods.


View freely available titles: Barnes, ; revised and annotated by Harold Augenbaum, Penguin Books, All three came back without good news.

Cabeza de Vaca reports that the Indians want them to leave, but they do not do anything about it except to leave themselves. If he was unsuccessful, he should return to Cuba. The expedition finally reaches Florida on April 12,and sails along the coast until they reach a bay inhabited by Indians. Their method of chronicls is to breathe on their patients, make the sign of the cross over them, cchronicle pray.

Cabeza de Vaca writes, “We gave God our Lord many thanks for what we had heard, for we were despairing of ever hearing of Christians again. Yet these same remaining Indians give Cabeza de Vaca and his companions blankets and food, and show them respect.

Narváez expedition

The Indians feed the men for several days, until Cabeza de Vaca and his men decide to continue on their voyage. The four stay with the Avavares for about eight months, before moving on and staying chronic,e other tribes. When the Spanish finally reached Aute, they found the village already deserted and burnt. Read on your iOS and Android devices Get more info.

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November Learn how and when to remove this template message. After an event when many of the Indians fall sick and die, and which the Indians believe is the result of the Christians’ displeasure with them, they travel on. The Indians chroncle Castillo to heal their headaches. The next group the Christians stay with also do not want Cabeza de Vaca and his group to leave but make them a feast and try to convince them to stay.

In terms of religion, Indians practiced animism, the belief that spirits formed the world and could manifest themselves anywhere.

This filled our hearts with sorrow, seeing the land so fertile and beautiful, so full of water and streams, but abandoned and the places burned down, and the people, so thin and wan, fleeing and hiding.


He also talks about how they produce a smoke from a certain leaf that makes them intoxicated, and homosexual marriage found among some tribes. We are experiencing technical difficulties. They build five boats between early August and late September, during which time they raid local Indian villages and eat all but one of their horses to survive.

Introduction & Overview of Chronicle of the Narvaez Expedition

The New World story of the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca in his own words This riveting true story is the first major narrative detailing the exploration of North America by Spanish conquistadors The New World was never supposed to become independent and autonomous. The ships sailed, hugging the coast and looking for their captain and crew for a year, then returned home.

He wrote another memoir about the experience in Comentarios. Please try again later. This perspective comes most clear near the end of the narrative when it is sorely tried by Spanish greed, exploitation, and duplicity. Cabeza de Vaca repeatedly emphasizes that he lived as naked as many of the Indians for much of his journey; they did what they had to do to survive.

Cabeza de Vaca performs crude surgery on one Indian who has a long arrowhead lodged near his heart. This situation displeases Cabeza de Vaca, but the new tribes they visit learn to hide their belongings. The next morning, the Indians want the two Indian hostages left with the expedition to be returned to them, but the governor will not do so until the Christians are returned.