5e Playtest – Caves of Chaos. The party: WalkingDad – High Elf Wizard – Elephan Moonsong mudbunny – Dwarf Fighter – Slysa Daface (still to. Battle maps are an essential part of many tabletop RPGs. They can be as simple as a single room or as complex as a vast underground. Our intrepid heroes are (still) square in the middle of the hobgoblin lair in the Caves of Chaos. They are standing around the corpse of a.

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Posts describing map creating tips and tricks are also welcome. Glittering, dark eyes peer forth from beneath bushy black eyebrows, and his dark oiled beard extends almost to his playtestt.

As your people are so short lived, time might be of essence. Ve explore caves, ve vant Dwarfs. I started with the PCs having just arrived in the Keep, when a rider enters the keep calling for help.

Running the D&D Next playtest? Here’s a Caves of Chaos map, by the Weem : battlemaps

Voll-ka the Deceiver says: The commoner rogue might pick up that the table legs are weak, and could be playfest, causing the orc chief on top to fall to the ground. There are even poetry about the manliness of my look and my long staff A single kobold in one room, an impossible fight against a beholder in the next. I want to third the suggestion of a players map, trees in place and only the cave entrances that are obvious on the map.

Lady N Duchess of Urnst says: The playtest packet contains some really useful tools for altering classic adventures. Sunday, 13th Playtes, He doesn’t bother to tell his name as this King will surely forget it anyway This premise worked on several plytest.


Even without a grid, you can have fun with these elements.

I have heard that one of our premier mapmakers is working on another map, one more detailed. In my Caves of Chaos: February 6, at 7: Old adventures vary in the quality of their descriptions.

Caves of Chaos Reimagined by Weem

Time spent on coming up with an interesting premise that evolves will create a more gripping experience. August 3, at 6: Weem on Twitter Tweets by theweem. For this task I would reward you handsomely” the King states, as he looks over the group, he adds “Sure are a lot of you dwarves They barter, anger, cower, adapt, defend, prepare, bluster, feint, etc.

Old adventures often plytest a sense of mechanical balance.

D&D Next and Classic Adventures: Organizing the (Caves of) Chaos | Alphastream

They should be real foes. They can be as simple as a single room or as complex as a vast underground dungeon. February 3, at 7: Again, this is really subtle, which is what I tend to do — a lot of subtle effects that together get me a look I am going for. This can extend the playtest experience. We can call them spiders and they work just fine.

April 29, at 6: Alphastream Comments are closed. At the same time, we do want diversity. Room after featureless room of the same creature can get pretty old. WotC is currently doing a public playtest of the next edition of the game, and the first round of materials includes an update of part of that adventure.

There are rumoured to be a number of tribes of those accursed humanoids living there. We can look at those attempts to make rooms different and apply it to other classic adventures. It’s a big sprawl of caves and tunnels that’s inhabited by orcs, kobolds, goblins, and hobgoblins.


We want our feedback to be valid and to be useful to the Wizards team, so we end up with a great game at the end of the process.

July 6, at 8: I started with character introductions, asking each PC to state their name, class, race, theme, and background. February 8, at 8: Perhaps in time after you have explored the Caves you can meet with the weem and he can provide you a more detailed one” the man states while handing someone over a copy of the map.

Gods I wish he would allow his guards to accompany him.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. May this humble one be of some small service to these good gentlemen in the ministrations of Pelor’s healing grace, as we plumb the unknown depths of these so-called Chaos Caves, bringing radiance to the pitch dark depths Caves does a pretty good job of making the different rooms interesting.

The process for this was…. Do you have player versions with Trees? February 15, at 6: Now, How about an expantion of the same! King Monarch gazes intensely at the what he initially takes to be the groups other member.