Buddhist Boot Camp has ratings and reviews. Nathaniel said: I bought this as an audible book. Something I think everyone should truly listen to. Timber Hawkeye (born Tomer Gal, July 19, ), is an Israeli-born citizen and resident of the United States, best known as the author of Buddhist Boot Camp. Buddhist Boot Camp. K likes. Timber Hawkeye is a frequent public speaker , discussing ways to be at peace with the world (both within and around us).

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And sometimes we need to hear it from someone else before it clicks and actually makes sense. The things he says fit into anyone’s life and go against no religious belief that I’m aware of.

Timber Hawkeye–Buddhist Boot Camp

I’m not sure such a person could be even remotely interested in Buddhism, in the sense of trying to discover another religion than his own but I can be wrong. Why not just learn about Buddhism from the monks themselves? First off, I will admit I did not have much knowledge about Buddhism prior to reading this book. Welcoming soldiers of peace in the army of love… Your brother, Timber H.

Life-changing advice on creating a life with more fun, freedom, and happiness. Where we are today is a direct result of decisions we’ve made as far back as ten years or lifetimes ago, and as recently as last night. Have you ever considered quitting your job and working a 20 hour work week?

This is ‘fitness’ for the soul. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

He re-published it through Lightning Sourcebut within a month HarperCollins contacted him buddhhist republish the book for a third time, now in hardcover [5] with twice as many chapters, multiple languages, and worldwide distribution.

It’s almost like having a conversation with a new friend that’s already made all the mistakes you have and gives gentle advice.

If you are ready to be a soldier of peace in the army of love, welcome to Buddhist Boot Camp! The anecdotes about Hawkeye’s personal life is scattered throughout, and this creates a fascinating, sometimes jarring experience with hawkfye Zen teachings.


Younger people can definitely benefit. Buddhit path of LEAST resistance will often take you farther from your destination than the seemingly more difficult one, but an easy trek in the wrong direction is ultimately far more exhausting and devastating than an uphill climb boo euphoria. After touring with Buddhist Boot Camp across the U. Demystifies Buddhism for the average Joe History doesn’t have to repeat itself if we can learn from our mistakes the first time around. Feb 05, Edwin Mcallister rated it did not like it.

Preventing a Spiritual ByPassing. So there’s this guy seeking enlightenment. I pictured a book called “A guide to being a Buddha” with only two words in it: I sat there in front of the Tibetan Lama, wearing my maroon robes after years of studying Buddhism and said, “With all due respect, I don’t believe the Buddha ever intended for his teachings to get THIS complicated!

It’s certainly true booy the heart of Buddhist teaching is simple, but it’s profoundly simple. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. We have a tremendous personal responsibility for the way our life has turned out, and an equally important role of steering haw,eye into the future.

Timber Hawkeyeauthor of Buddhist Boot Camp, offers a non-sectarian approach to being at peace with the world, both within and around us. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.

Being in the second half of my life, I find the author young. Retrieved from boog https: It’s a keeper and one of those books I’ll keep handy and read again in snippets.

Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye

Hawkeye describes his teenage years and early twenties as an ongoing attempt to embody what the media portrayed as the definition of being “American” and “Successful. Very basic, but OK for those who are new to Buddhism. He takes all the positive, attractive, new-agey sounding love stuff and leaves out anything smacking of critical self-examination or of being enlightened to the actual, literal meaninglessness of life, the universe, and everything.

Want to Read saving….


Buddhist Boot Camp: The 20 hour work week (Timber Hawkeye) – Fireitupwithcj

There are some fabulous guidelines to doing that in here – I love cajp this has made me evaluate my emotions and reach for the true underlying issues Sort of like reading someone’s journal or blog entries my own even where you as the reader aren’t getting the whole picture or even pure nuggets; instead just a series of thoughts put to page; little snippets of ideas never fully fleshed out. Hqwkeye 06, Michele Harrod rated it it was amazing. This one will be on the virtual reference shelf for life.

The author states his intentions right in the beginning: Making optimal decisions Discipline: This was easy because I basically know nothing about buddhism.

Maybe this one should stay in my ‘currently reading’ list forever, to remind me to check in. I am currently writing my first novel and came across your quote; Let hawksye of the past and the past will let go of you.

This article contains wording that promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information. Zen was simpler; that much was true the walls were blank and I loved ithxwkeye the teachings were still filled with all the dogma that sent me running from religion in the first place.

Timber Hawkeye

I’ve re-read it an additional 2 times. Get expert advice on: Buddhism is all about training the mind, and boot camp is an ideal training method for this generation’s short attention span.

Finally, someone tells him: I have never read a book about Buddhism and I did not know anything about Timbr. No trivia or quizzes yet. This reads like a conversation with a trusted friend offering solid, positive insights and suggestions to help improve your outlook and attitude toward yourself, others, and life. Dec 13, Kelli rated it really liked it Shelves: But that day is not today.