Abassi O, Sadraoui A, Elharrar N. Les lésions caustiques du tractus digestif supérieur. 14 Mourey F, Martin L, Jacob L. Brûlures caustiques de l’œsophage. traversent spontanément le tractus digestif et ne nécessitent pas de manœuvre endoscopique. (longueur supérieur `a 6 cm, diam`etre supérieure `a 2,5 cm), l’ ingestion de piles néoplasique, caustique, troubles moteurs œsophagiens, diverticules, hernie .. `a l’origine de quatre types de lésions: brûlures électriques. B. () épidémiologie et évolution des brulures caustiques du tube digestif supérieur: à propos de cas. Journal Africain d’Hépato-Gastroentérologie, 3.

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Indeed, in the experiment of Zhou et al.

Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

A review of 63 cases. Intraoperative view of the transverse colic transplant pediculated on the upper right colonic artery. The culmination of all the cicatricial processes of the pharyngeal lesions and of the cervical esophagus is the main factor that determines the delay of the reconstruction [15]. Eur J Pediatr ; The rarity of this intervention has been reported by several authors [9] [10] [11].

Am J Dis Child ; Moreover, in our work context, The majority of the patients did not manage to honor the medi- cinal prescriptions. The colon was the transplant of choice used in our patients. The evolution was marked by the occurrence of a cervical fistula in 5 cases, postoperative peritonitis in 2 cases, parietal suppuration in 2 cases and pneumothorax in 3 cases. J Pediatr ; In addition, transhiatal esophagectomy, by a laparoscopic approach would be better [12].


Zentralbl Chirurgia, 38, Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology, 27, Arch Surg ; Une nouvelle technique d’oesophagoplastie par tube gastrique chez l’enfant. However, the fight against social, educational and occupational stress and the. The frequency distribution of complications of esophageal plasties for caustic stenosis of the esophagus according to the studies has been summarized in Table 2.

Tran Bihan, Françoise [WorldCat Identities]

Med Chir Dig ; Undernutrition was noted in 6 patients. Results Of our 9 patients, six benefited from the treatment of poor nutritional status preoperative by feeding gastrostomy in 3 cases and by feeding jejunostomy in 3 cases. The morbidity is caustiquds source of surgical resumption and a long duration of hospitalization which generates very important financial costs.

Adult ingestion of caustic is an uncommon and often life-threatening accident [1] [2]. An Audit of 58 Patients. Ann Chir ; The role of fiberoptic endoscopy in the management of corrosive ingestion and modified endoscopic classification of burns. Surg Gynecol Obstet ; Press Med ; The pneumatic dilation allow to avoid this intervention in the cases of limited stenosis which are rarely met [2].


Tran Bihan, Françoise

In 9 years, 9 patients aged 25 to 53 years were operated for dysphagia following ingestion of caustic substances. This patient survived until at the age of 53 years [5].

The esophageal plasty was indicated after failure of a dilation with the candles in 2 cases and before impassable stenosis in 7 cases. One death was recorded in the case of postoperative peritonitis ttactus to colo-colic anastomotic disunion.

Haller JA, Bachman K. Our preference was the colon. Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice, 17, It was practiced unsuccessfully in two cases. The scarcity of this surgical procedure in our country could be explained by the high cost of the procedure, which is not accessible to all the population and the inadequate technical facilities at most of our medical centers.