A musician is transported into a land of magic—from the #1 New York Times– bestselling author of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Trek Into Darkness. Spellsinger (The Spellsinger Adventures) [Alan Dean Foster] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A musician is transported into a land of. Editorial Reviews. Review. “One of the most consistently inventive and fertile writers of science fiction and fantasy.” —The Times. “Alan Dean Foster is a master.

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Re-reading it now, I’m less impressed The following summary was taken from the TV Tropes Wiki entry on the Spellsinger series, and slightly modified.

The Time of the Transference

Alan Dean Foster hat eine faszinierende Parallelwelt erschaffen. I’m sure I liked it much more then than I would now.

However, Narnia was originally written for children not to say that adults don’t enjoy them while it is very clear, especially from the antics of Mudge the Otter, that this series is not.

A young girl the heroes rescue from pirates in book three she sees Jon-Tom as cean knight in shining armour despite she is a,an too young, which Jon-Tom uncomfortably tells her but that that doesn’t deter her. Other spellsiger in this series. I’m a Whizard from Turtle Creek, so it fits. The story initially deals with the characters of Jonathan Thomas Meriweatherreferred to by the locals as Jon-Tom, when he is unwillingly pulled into a fantasy world spellsunger the turtle wizard Clothahump.

It all works out for the best, though, as Jon-Tom soon discovers that in the magical world he has the power of a spellsinger; a wizard who can make powerful magic through music.

This was one of the more believable plots, although some of sppellsinger sub plots make very little sense – in typical style fo This is the last of the original Spellsinger books and actually I enjoyed it quite a lot.

I didn’t really like the opening scene yet it picked up from there. There are some clever turns, though the first book doesn’t stand on its own as a complete story really, it is the set up for the series, and the first few steps in the quest and the first fumbling attempts of the main character, JonTom becoming a true Spellsinger sort of a spellsinver troubadour more or less.


Heroes are likeable, and a plot is quite sound. This interest is carried over to his writing, Bestselling science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster was born in New York City inbut raised mainly in California.

Spellsinger (novel) – Wikipedia

These are the only books of his that I have read, and are probably the only books of his that I will read. Given that Clothahump the wizard summoned Jon-Tom to dea an evil invasion There was very little in this book regarding Jon-Tom’s desire to return to the world of his birth and, as a result, I found the ending didn’t fit the rest of the story.

A nice new twist in this one was a brief return to JonTom’s world. It would appear that any instrument will do. Jon-Tom discovers that his fledgling musical talents have now manifested themselves as magical with the ability to conjure items via song. Foser lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources. Jan 12, Velvetink rated it liked it Shelves: Review quote “One of the most consistently inventive and fertile writers of science fiction and fantasy. Having been, at the moment of his transportation, high on cannabisJon-Tom initially thinks it is all a dream brought on by the drugs.

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This one was a bit more interesting than the past couple and foste ended well. Back then I read sci-fi and fantasy almost exclusively, and this author ADF was one of my favorites; in particular, his Spellsinger series. Then I started picking up some of his tie-in novels, and I ended up with the first two Spellsinger books, and I recently thought, what the heck, and I gave the first one a try.

Jon-Tom succeeds in getting them past the problem, except for one time fowter Mudge has to save them. Jon-Tom nimmt es meiner Meinung nach fast etwas zu gut auf, als er sich in der neuen Welt zurechtfinden muss. Combine Spellsinger editions 2 15 Mar 25, It is a quick light read with some interesting concepts anthropomorphic animals, spellsinging, and some of the focus on politics. Lists with This Book. Characters swear, think about sex, there is some mild drug use, etc. I overall enjoyed the story and whilst it is definitely not worth reading all the books just for this one as it might be for, say, the later Harry Potter books it’s a nice joy to have it appear in the middle of the series as a reward for suffering?


Spellsinger Series

I think we all know that wise turtles have a unique sense of humor and the concept of a suitable hero. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Joan rated it it was amazing Dec 15, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This is the first book ffoster the series that I read, after my cousin Michael recommended it to me.

As a finale of a series it’s disappointing but considering two more books were published I assume Foster felt the same way and perhaps his second chance at a finale will be better.

Oh, while we’re on the subject of TV Tropes As for the idea of talking animals, I am sort of on a borderline with that idea. This is also similar with those stories where the protagonist is taken from Earth as a boy to return a man. The second to last book in the series deals with their gangsta rapping children and is just as messed up as it sounds. Deborah Brennan rated it liked it Jul 27, Don’t know if I would like this book the same if I re-read it as an adult, but in my memory it was an entertaining read.

There is a mix between him being a pre-Law student at college, working as a janitor so that he may pay his way through though when I read this series I was still a teenagerbut also being a struggling musician that suddenly comes good when he hits his big break, which is not so much in this world, but rather in the world ruled by talking animals. Despite this, the story of Jon-Tom and his companion Mudge as they journey to repair the instrument that allows Jon-Tom to access and manipulate magic in this world of sentient animals separate although loosely connected to the world-as-we-know-it and former home of Jon-Tom himself was much easier to follow and understand than this sentence.

His social skills seem a bit awkward, especially in Mudge’s world, and he initially makes a few faux-pas.